Annual Review 2016: Breakthrough for new technologies

Dutch production companies in various fields are occupied with making the transition to Smart Industry. In 2016 IJssel helped to guide them through these tempestuous developments.

IJssel can look back on an innovative year, during which we worked with 3D printers, drones and augmented reality glasses ourselves before introducing these technologies to our customers, the aim being to improve their production process and competitive strength.

Predictive maintenance

With the acquisition of Oliveira – now operating under the name IJssel Predictive Maintenance – we also took a major step in the field of predictive maintenance, and we already deploy the new software Uptime Works to predict maintenance needs. Initial results indicate that the software has generated an increase of 15 percent in installation output, with costs decreasing by 25 percent at the same time. ‘This is fully in keeping with our vision of Smart Industry,’ states general manager Rien Slingerland. ‘The prime concern is not the technology, however advanced this may be, but the result.’

Sharing knowledge 1000 times

As an ambassador for the Smart Industry action plan, IJssel considers the sharing of knowledge to be important. In 2016 IJssel introduced more than one thousand customers and network relations to smart technologies via workshops, lectures, training courses and advice. IJssel is also a pioneer for the BOOST action plan, a programme of proposed actions aimed at making industries in the east of the Netherlands smarter and cleaner. Director Freek van Zadelhoff explains, ‘There is still plenty to be discovered in the field of Smart Industry. We can accelerate this process by sharing our knowledge. And that in turn is good for the competitive position of the Dutch industrial sector.’

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