IJssel optimises predictive maintenance with Uptime Works

IJssel’s pursuit of smart solutions in the field of maintenance is an ongoing process. Our customers have production environments in which delivery certainty and reliability are of great importance. We use our sensors and expertise to provide insights into the condition of machines and to increase uptime cost-effectively. We have developed the software platform Uptime Works for this purpose. An Uptime Works pilot scheme has already been successfully implemented at the businesses of several customers. The product was launched at the IJssel Group location in Zwolle on 11 May.

Predictable maintenance
Maintenance needs to be carried out exactly on time. Premature maintenance wastes man hours and materials, while overdue maintenance increases the risk of defects. In order to optimise the process, it is necessary to know the condition of the machines and to be able to predict when the risk of failure becomes unacceptable. To do this we have developed the Uptime Works platform at IJssel.

How it works
After analysing the customer’s situation, the appropriate sensors are installed. The data obtained from these sensors are made accessible to the customer and to our experts via a cloud application. This means that the customer retains ownership of the data, which can be shared with other businesses or institutes. The experts analyse the data and make concrete recommendations to the customer via a web interface regarding the necessary maintenance on the monitored assets.

The continuous monitoring provides certainty and increases the reliability of the production line, thus enabling businesses to strike the right balance between maximum uptime and low costs.

If you have any questions about Uptime Works, please contact IJssel Predictive Maintenance director Martin Blenkers on +31 (0)6 – 51 84 76 32, or send an email to martin.blenkers@ijssel.com. More information can also be found on www.uptimeworks.nl.