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Smart Industry refers to the automation and interconnection of equipment, production materials and organisations (the Internet of Things). Smart Industry plays a role in all phases of the development of a business. IJssel Technologie consequently applies these developments in an integral approach to product optimisation, involving the feasibility study, location study and master plan, the design and realisation of the factory and processes, and the maintenance and continuous improvement of processes and assets.

It starts with people

However exceptional the technological solutions may be, people still have to be able and willing to work with them. Our approach is therefore always founded on good synergy between man and technology.

Partial or complete redesign

Our industrial engineering project managers can help you to improve or completely redesign your business processes. With the aid of data analysis and data interpretation we can identify where the risks lie and what the improvement potential is. We can then help to realise improvements and we can make your production more predictable.

IJssel Technologie creates and connects interfaces in hardware, software, databases and systems so that equipment, machines, components, products and sensors communicate with one another. We have experience with the integration of technologies in a (partially automated) production process, which may include assembly, packaging, automation of internal goods flow through AGVs, automatic warehouses and cross docking.

We have people who can assist you in the following areas:

  • Electrical engineering and instrumentation
  • Machine operation and line operation with PLC and SCADA
  • Visualisation and process performance
  • Shop floor integration such as IT, scanning, barcoding and vision

Real-time insight

We also realise real-time insight into processes. For example, together with our partner QTC we work with Vision Waves software and we have created a real-time dashboard. These software packages link day-to-day operations directly to strategic and tactical business objectives. We start with a bizzmap based on KPIs and create a representation of the entire business process in a faithful and unambiguous real-time (customised) overview. In the case of Tata Steel, for example, this generated a considerable advantage in relation to maintenance.

Communicating systems

The challenge in maintenance, management and modification projects is that you probably work with several hardware suppliers and (legacy) systems. In order to make a success of your project, the systems have to communicate with one another. So do you opt for an open protocol or for business-specific protocols?

Take the first step with a workshop

As a generalist and integrator, IJssel Technologie can help you make the move towards Smart Industry. For this we have developed the Smart Innovation workshop, in which we challenge you and your team to think outside the box as a starting point for radical innovation.

If you are interested in how Smart Industry could enhance your competitive position, please contact Robin Burghard on +31 (0)6-51619312 or via


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