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Project Description

Request from HP

HP requested support in achieving production objectives, as they wanted to minimise waste and ensure optimum, predictable and continuous output.


For the site in Amersfoort, IJssel Technologie set up a complete Technical Services division, including a system support department. A full team of IT specialists and operators solved problems in the production lines. For example, we created an MES (manufacturing execution system), which sends orders to the production line and then ensures the feedback and storage of these data. As a result, HP always knew immediately what had been made where, by which machine and in which batch. Over the years we became so familiar with the production systems that we were permitted to execute all modifications and optimisations.

HP then relocated its production lines from Amersfoort to the Czech Republic, Duisburg and Singapore. This presented a golden opportunity for us, as we subjected the machines to a complete mechanical and technical overhaul so they were ready for production immediately after the move. At the same time we developed and implemented a completely new operational safety system to ensure that the lines continue to comply with all CE safety requirements.

Out of sight is clearly not out of mind, as HP Singapore regularly comes to us with requests for maintenance and support. We have upgraded all the drive and control systems for a fully automated production line. The great advantage is that automation engineers in the Netherlands can now log in to the system, detect faults, release software and make back-ups.

We also visit the sites in person. In 2015 IJssel Technologie developed and installed a completely new operating system and a new drive system in three robots on the packaging line in Singapore. In 2015 and 2016 our colleagues Bert Zieleman and Bert Aalsters installed these robots in Singapore. This greatly reduces the risk of the production line being forced to shut down.


Our relationship could be referred to as symbiosis rather than cooperation. IJssel Technologie opened a branch in Amersfoort especially in order to work in close proximity to HP. The move to Singapore did not detract from this cooperation in any way. Incidentally, we are still closely involved with the maintenance and optimisation of the packaging lines in Duisburg. That is what we understand as loyalty.


The best results are obtained by combining knowledge, dedication and a long-term business relationship. Notable results include production continuity, minimum wastage and predictable output. We also managed to keep old machines running by using newly developed software, thus avoiding the need for major investment. This generated huge savings for HP.

About HP

HP is one of the largest American technology companies. Its ambitious goal is to raise the standard of living of users through technological solutions. The continuous innovation means that production locations have to meet the highest possible standards.

Project Details

  • Client Hewlett Packard
  • Date 15/09/2016
  • Tags EN, Smart industry

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