Guaranteed availability of installations


Project Description

IJssel Technologie has carried out all the maintenance activities for Nedmag for over a decade. Well-organised maintenance is especially important for this business, as the machines have to endure heat and the use of chemicals such as magnesium salt.

IJssel now has full responsibility for maintenance at Nedmag and has managed to reduce the size of the team through more efficient working practice. We have also drawn up an integral maintenance plan, which was necessary in order to guarantee the required availability of the installations. For example, the risk analysis conducted by IJssel makes it possible to replace components in good time without disrupting production. The maintenance plan is linked to a continuous improvement programme. For instance, with Value Stream Mapping (VSM) the maintenance programme has become leaner.

At the same time the maintenance budget has been stable and manageable since the outsourcing of these tasks. Another positive result is that the number of night-time calls for unforeseen maintenance has been greatly reduced. In addition, considerable cost savings have been achieved by purifying lubricating oil instead of replacing it.

Project Details

  • Client Nedmag
  • Date 22/12/2014
  • Tags EN

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