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Project Description

Request from Yanmar

Yanmar wanted to streamline its warehouse processes and make data entry less time consuming. The company also needed a more stable IT environment to reduce disruption caused by downtime.


Our colleague Henk Mulder automated the bench tests used to test the engines. The data thus obtained are now stored to enable subsequent analysis, and this no longer needs to be done manually. Henk also developed a complete warehouse management system. For example, an audit is now carried out for each delivery and a report is stored automatically. Together with our subsidiary Technaut, he is occupied with scaling up the entire automation system at the Yanmar plant. For instance, all computers have now been converted from Windows XP to Windows 7, and he has renewed the hardware and improved communication between the computers.


In Henk Mulder’s own words: ‘I feel at home there. I see the Yanmar employees as my colleagues.’ With a working relationship that dates from 1996, how could this be otherwise?


The time savings and reduced paperwork when testing have shortened the production time. A fully customised warehouse management system has been created. The automation of the test cells has increased output. More data are stored, which is useful for troubleshooting. Furthermore, the work of the operators has been simplified.

‘The cooperation with IJssel Technologie is successful because we form a cohesive team.’
Bert Boom, senior manager operations

About Yanmar

Yanmar is a Japanese producer of diesel engines for the construction, agricultural, marine and industrial sectors. At the plant in Almere, around 140 employees assemble and test engines for the marine leisure segment, among other things.

Project Details

  • Client Yanmar
  • Date 15/07/2016
  • Tags EN, Smart industry

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