Supporting improvement capacity


Project Description

Scania is a company that possesses great improvement capacity. In contrast with many other clients, Scania designs its own improvement processes, with IJssel Technologie playing a supporting role.

Fifteen IJssel employees are stationed permanently at the Scania factory. They perform previously planned maintenance activities on technical installations and they resolve defects. This is often done in a matter of minutes, as the assembly line must not be allowed to stand still. IJssel also analyses the causes of defects to determine how these can be prevented in the future.

The engineering department further helps with the development, construction and continuous improvement of technical installations. This may concern wheel assembly, automation or minor modifications to make machines better, safer and faster. IJssel business managers also support Scania on a project basis in the field of process design, logistics and standardisation.

For Scania the ability to deploy IJssel’s maintenance team flexibly while preserving know-how is invaluable. Moreover IJssel knows Scania through and through, so together we can achieve fast results.

Project Details

  • Client Scania
  • Date 22/12/2014
  • Tags EN

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