Manufacturing businesses are constantly seeking the most efficient and most reliable production process, as this enables them to maintain and improve their competitive strength. IJssel Technologie can help with this. We offer integral solutions for production improvements that combine brainpower with manpower. We also have the courage to take responsibility if further action is required.


Do you want to improve your production record? IJssel Technologie is always looking for the question behind the question. We contribute ideas and present challenges. Why do things have to be improved and how can we work together to realise improvements? IJssel Technologie investigates the situation and gives advice on how and where improvements can be made. We aim to share our knowledge with you. If you like the sound of a solution or improvement proposal, we can take swift and concrete action to implement both organisational and technical solutions.


IJssel Technologie has a workforce of more than 450 enthusiastic, pragmatic and knowledgeable experts. Our work doesn’t end with the contribution of ideas. We can also make an active contribution in a wide range of professional fields, such as maintenance, troubleshooting, assembly, overhaul, relocation and machine modification. IJssel Technologie produces and installs the production lines and can also maintain them on behalf of the client.

General and financial responsibility:
going one step further

IJssel Technologie offers more than just consultancy and execution tasks. We can raise a business to the next level with good (interim) management and training courses. IJssel Technologie is also very flexible in accordance with customer requirements. We work in close proximity to the client – sometimes quite literally – and we invest capital in a business if new systems or technologies are required.

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